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Archive for October, 2007

Thought Passe

Posted by imdad on October 31, 2007

Think Think Think 
As U Blink Blink Blink 
Sure there's a way to Row - oow - ooow 

Think Think Think 
Then rather Sink Sink Sink 
Sure thats the way to Know !!! 

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Exams Here …

Posted by imdad on October 30, 2007

The best things about (most) exams is …..
…..that soon I am going to have holidays 😛

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Conspiring Deceiver …

Posted by imdad on October 30, 2007

… They do not want you to get educated .. they do not want you to think .. that is why our world has gotten so proliferated with entertainment such as music, internet, mass media, television shows, amusement parks, drugs, alcohol, nudity, vulgarity and every kind of deciet that keep the human mind entertained…. so that you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much of thinking .. you had better wakeup and understand that there are people who are guiding your life and you don’t even know it!!!!

035.005 O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah.

Al-Qur’an, 035.005 (Fatir [The Angels, Originator])Text Copied from DivineIslam’s Qur’an Viewer software v2.9

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Zeitgeist (Spirit of time)

Posted by imdad on October 30, 2007

Following is a Dialog from an awesome documentary film by the above name —

      I don’t have to tell u things are bad .. everybody knows things are bad … The dollar buys the nickel’s worth .. banks are going bust .. shopkeepers keep a gun under the wardrobe .. punks are running wild in the street .. there’s nobody any where seems to know what to do … and there is no end to it …

We know the air is unfit to breath and our food is unfit to eat .. we sit watching our TVs .. while some local news caster tells us that today we had 15 homicides, 63 violent crimes as if thats the way its supposed to be .. we know things are bad, worse than bad …

They are crazy .. its like everything every where is going crazy .. so we don’t go out any more .. we sit in the house and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller .. and all we say is — “Please, atleast live us alone in our living rooms … let me have my toaster and my TV, my steel-belt and radios and i wont say any thing .. just leave us ALONE ..”

Well I’m NOT going to leave u alone … i want u to get MAD!!!! …..

I don’t want u to protest, i don’t want u to write, i don’t want u to write to your congress-men because i wouldn’t know what to tell u to write .. i don’t know what to do about the depression and inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street .. all I know is that first u’ve got to get MAD

U’ve got to say — I’m a Human Being, GOD DAMMIT, my life has VALUE!!!!

“Network” MGM 1976

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Staying Aloof …

Posted by imdad on October 27, 2007

(The best way to glob this poem is to imagine the scene @ the ‘i’ is ‘You’)

Worlds a quicksand
I’m to stay there
Help from an unseen Hand
am i staying aloof?

Provision to thank for
Unjust i have been
Holding on to guiding Star
am i staying aloof?

When i’m pulled out
As one day it is sure
Hope to be cleaned of the dirt
am i staying aloof?

“Its quicksand no more
All has been eased
Lord has honored me for aye!
All fears have ceased.”

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Posted by imdad on October 27, 2007

Welcome Globber!

Through this beautiful(and hopefully long) journey of this new found blogger-globber relationship, You would know the writer in me. Every blog is a letter, meaningless unless read and task accomplished if appreciated. And how would i know Your part of story unless You comment?? So please take time to leave a message for every blog of mine .. With an earnest, to have You smile… 🙂

Imdad ‘f1’.
P.S: ‘Glob’ is the opposite of ‘Blog’

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Time Flies!

Posted by imdad on October 25, 2007

Long,long time since I updated my blog.I have been visiting the blogs of my batch mates and people of my age group on a regular basis and it has inspired me and my fertile mind to start updating once again.
Many events,both good and bad have crossed my path in all this time and I have learned a lot with every passing moment of my life.
Hope you all will keep checking my blog for my regular updates and posts.
Take care..
All The Best for all your future endeavours.

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