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Australian Open 2008 – Men’s Singles Final

Posted by imdad on January 27, 2008

In another Mind Boggling 5 set match, people were thoroughly entertained to watch as Mr. Novack Djokovic, became the first Serbian to become a Grand Slam Champion. He admitted to have faced Mr. Wilfred Tsonga as a tough opponent, who apart from resembling Mr. Mohamed Ali, the famous boxer, also — “Vollied like a butterfly and Aced like a bee”. The french man, wooed by the majority from audience, seemed to threaten Djokovic’s Grand Slam dream to the last ball. But for his unforced errors, he certainly deserves appreciation for the undiminshing confidence he displayed on the court, and infact he was smiling all along. It was a great match to witness to, I pity you if you had missed it, watch some of the enthralling returns and counter-returns, that might already be doing their rounds on the YouTube.


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