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Archive for December, 2008

Islamic banking system

Posted by imdad on December 21, 2008

im doing some research into the Islamic banking system.
I may eventually come up with a software to serve the system. Buts that in its initial stages (Requirement analysis to be precise).

Hey, a question here:
Do you think banks which have a democratic system for organisation, instead of being owned for profit, would be the key to a successful economic-tomorrow?


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All goes as is meant …

Posted by imdad on December 12, 2008

All our plans, ambitions, seem to take their own route to success.
All we have do meanwhile is to put in good faith and sincere work.

Hope is not that we achieve success but hope is that we aim good.
Because, we seldom recognize that what we want to achieve is NOT success.
Actually what we achieve is success.

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Sensible persuasion

Posted by imdad on December 11, 2008

Its a gud habit for u to correct someone when they are faltering.

Certain things change about people over time. And if u r a regular company to that person, it wud do well for u to appreciate his better action and remind him about the better way, in a way as if he himself is taking it.

An example of comparisions between good and the better, works better than that given in the light of good and bad.

Like : if a friend is taken to smoking and u wud want him to lead a healthier life … say things like “i know u urself dont like to smoke and give up the habit, and im sure u’ll do that in future”, instead of “smoking is bad for u, u’ll end up in hospital ..!!”.

Also get the guy into conversation regarding this instead of just “i’ll say all and u just listen” sort of statements, produce reasoned pronouncements.

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