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Islamic banking system

Posted by imdad on December 21, 2008

im doing some research into the Islamic banking system.
I may eventually come up with a software to serve the system. Buts that in its initial stages (Requirement analysis to be precise).

Hey, a question here:
Do you think banks which have a democratic system for organisation, instead of being owned for profit, would be the key to a successful economic-tomorrow?


2 Responses to “Islamic banking system”

  1. Asaduzzaman Rana said

    Yes the Islamic Economic System is the only system to overcome the on going financial crisis and to build a beeter financial sector for the future.

  2. […] 2009 at 7:06 am · Filed under IT, f1 ·Tagged economy, islamic banking This follows my earlier blog where i had a question for you, as to what you think about Islamic […]

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