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General one

Samba server installation ..

Posted by imdad on February 26, 2009

i have a normal linux installation (fedora 5). I was stuck trying to start the samba server after installing it (version: 3.3, installed from a tar ball).

Then after quite a research, this script worked:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/samba/lib
killall -9 nmbd
killall -9 smbd
/usr/local/samba/sbin/nmbd -D -s /etc/samba/smb.conf
/usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd -D -s /etc/samba/smb.conf

file and save the above lines as

change its mode to executable

% chmod +x

execute it with root privileges

% ./startsmb

thats it … then you’ll not get errors like:

/usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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PGEE 09, IIIT Hyderabad question paper

Posted by imdad on February 15, 2009

following are some questions that appeared in this paper:

(there were just 6 ques of 25 marks each, with sub questions for every ques .. but here i am just typing down whatever i can remember)

1) find no. of integers between [100,999] that are (a) divisble by 7, (b) divisible by 3 but not by 4

2) if S = {i | 0<i<=50}, |S| = 10, A and B are subsets of S, |A|=|B|=5, sum of all integers in A is equal to that of all integers in B, then prove that there exist atleast one such pair A and B.

3) A sequence of integers was given and we had to show step by step construction of a binary search tree from that sequence. Corresponding in, pre and post order was asked and also the new structure of the tree after deleting a node.

4) if A and B are two sorted arrays (ascending) of integers. write algos to find (a) the closest pair in AUB. (b) the median in AUB.

5) write a C function to take a string and edit it so that all the vowels in it are removed.

6) a C prog was given and its output was asked.

7) design a binary counter to count from 1 to 8 using JK flip-flops, along with the tables, k-maps.

8) point out the adverse effects on TCP due to bit errors over a wireless connection. Design a parity check code for two bit error.

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Australian Open 2009 – the world saw Federer weep

Posted by imdad on February 4, 2009

Yes that is exactly that which comes to me, when i recollect the epic final of the 1st grand slam, this year 2009. He looked pitifully unconsolable and later the whole act looked childish too. Federer was a fav for me for this tournament.

Nadal, neverthless, deserved what he acheived. More, he covered every yard of the arena and every pixel on my screen and that too after he had been subjected to a brutally long 5.14 hour semi-final, a mere 40 hrs hence.

The match carried some classic rallies and is history. The conviction with which Nadal returned some unbelivable winners, jaws were hittting grounds. However Federer lost grounds with his, unsusually, low number of aces and high number of second serves and even 1-2 very badly timed double faults. He also lost on some many chances to break Nadals serves.

All eyes missed the other dignitaries present around including Rod Laver, shadowed by Federer and his emotions. They just waved for the live audience maybe, but clearly TV viewers cudnt care.

It was cute of Nadal to apologise to Federer, and his quick note to Federer that remember u are one of the best (rather than the best) was an intelligent addition.

Cheers Nadal.

Federer, crush him at Roland Garros.

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Poor web security @ IIIT, hyderabad

Posted by imdad on February 4, 2009

IIIT, hyderabad online admission webportal put up a v poor security show by enabling to list the index of all available admit cards and letting anyone download any admit card.

Though the portal puts up a php login terminal which gives u link to your admit card on entering yer application and id num, it actually also gives u the link to every other admit card.

lol .. iiit, hyd didnt expect this level of permeability from u, may be i’ll have to change things when i get there.

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An introductory on banking through social network cohesion

Posted by imdad on January 5, 2009

This follows my earlier blog where i had a question for you, as to what you think about Islamic banking.

The idea is regarding a web portal which envelops the desired features backed by suitable organization and human resource. My initial effort pondering over the possibilities of an alternative banking system yielded the results, talked about in the following abstract:

Banking Through Social Network Cohesion (BSNC).

A person subscribes to BSNC for 1+ of the following reasons:

  1. An online bank account that deals not in usury

  2. To generate revenue (or market ideas) for a new or an extended business.

  3. To look for and invest in profitable businesses.

In details:

  1. Online bank account that deals not in usury.

    • This is a social banking system with 100% reserve ratio.

    • It functions democratically, that is for and by people.

    • Lending is synonymous to risk sharing.

    • Hard money system or barter system is in place instead of fiat money.

  2. To generate revenue (or market ideas) for a new or an extended business.

    • BSNC is a concept through the realisation of the fact that a social web portal provides a platform for discussion of an idea which could reach out to a large number of people.

    • Further more the collection of these people is not random, but it is consistent with the actual network of contacts and weak ties that is centered around a person (who might be the proprietor of an idea) in her real life.

    • This feature of a social web portal could be utilized in business promotion and venture capitalism.

    • A person who subscribes for this reason should give in the details(consisting of standard queries) of her new/extended business idea, which is shared in a standard format.

    • These details pertain to figures such as :

      • Type of service/product

      • Initial investment

      • Production per month etc

    • And statements such as :

      • Goal

      • Cultivation record etc

    • Venture of a person gains recognition proportional to number of her own contacts(immediate and not surreal) testifying to it and/or having a share in it.

    • A revenue generation call is meant to attract investors ot invest an amount towards a financially credible improvement to the business of the person.

    • Such a call has a ripple effect on the network surrounding the person in that, that the call generates more interest and regard among her closer contacts and this interest recedes through contacts of contacts, and contacts of ‘contacts of contacts’ and so on.

    • If a person invests in her venture an amount (equivalent to the weight of gold or a service acceptable to both the parties as in barter system), he is made a partner in her business activity and is entitled to receive the gains (or share losses) and take part in shareholder hearings.

    • This is a self evolving system where trust ability of a person increases with number of contacts, trustees, investments, returns, past record etc.

    • Social network fuels the growth of such a venture promotion system because of the social structure that is built around every proprietor of a venture, which creates a market for everyone.

  3. To look for and invest in profitable business ideas.

    • A person might receive info on revenue generation calls through her contacts, who will refer her to a venture and also testify to its trust ability.

    • She might further analyse the new/extended venture, and invest wisely.

    • Enough data is provided for tracking the business progress.

PS: I’ll soon PDF this and provide a link to a scribd page … thanks

Update: Hey that was quite quick .. here is the scribd link:

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Islamic banking system

Posted by imdad on December 21, 2008

im doing some research into the Islamic banking system.
I may eventually come up with a software to serve the system. Buts that in its initial stages (Requirement analysis to be precise).

Hey, a question here:
Do you think banks which have a democratic system for organisation, instead of being owned for profit, would be the key to a successful economic-tomorrow?

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All goes as is meant …

Posted by imdad on December 12, 2008

All our plans, ambitions, seem to take their own route to success.
All we have do meanwhile is to put in good faith and sincere work.

Hope is not that we achieve success but hope is that we aim good.
Because, we seldom recognize that what we want to achieve is NOT success.
Actually what we achieve is success.

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Sensible persuasion

Posted by imdad on December 11, 2008

Its a gud habit for u to correct someone when they are faltering.

Certain things change about people over time. And if u r a regular company to that person, it wud do well for u to appreciate his better action and remind him about the better way, in a way as if he himself is taking it.

An example of comparisions between good and the better, works better than that given in the light of good and bad.

Like : if a friend is taken to smoking and u wud want him to lead a healthier life … say things like “i know u urself dont like to smoke and give up the habit, and im sure u’ll do that in future”, instead of “smoking is bad for u, u’ll end up in hospital ..!!”.

Also get the guy into conversation regarding this instead of just “i’ll say all and u just listen” sort of statements, produce reasoned pronouncements.

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Australian Open 2008 – Men’s Singles Final

Posted by imdad on January 27, 2008

In another Mind Boggling 5 set match, people were thoroughly entertained to watch as Mr. Novack Djokovic, became the first Serbian to become a Grand Slam Champion. He admitted to have faced Mr. Wilfred Tsonga as a tough opponent, who apart from resembling Mr. Mohamed Ali, the famous boxer, also — “Vollied like a butterfly and Aced like a bee”. The french man, wooed by the majority from audience, seemed to threaten Djokovic’s Grand Slam dream to the last ball. But for his unforced errors, he certainly deserves appreciation for the undiminshing confidence he displayed on the court, and infact he was smiling all along. It was a great match to witness to, I pity you if you had missed it, watch some of the enthralling returns and counter-returns, that might already be doing their rounds on the YouTube.

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Thought Passe

Posted by imdad on October 31, 2007

Think Think Think 
As U Blink Blink Blink 
Sure there's a way to Row - oow - ooow 

Think Think Think 
Then rather Sink Sink Sink 
Sure thats the way to Know !!! 

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