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Sensible persuasion

Posted by imdad on December 11, 2008

Its a gud habit for u to correct someone when they are faltering.

Certain things change about people over time. And if u r a regular company to that person, it wud do well for u to appreciate his better action and remind him about the better way, in a way as if he himself is taking it.

An example of comparisions between good and the better, works better than that given in the light of good and bad.

Like : if a friend is taken to smoking and u wud want him to lead a healthier life … say things like “i know u urself dont like to smoke and give up the habit, and im sure u’ll do that in future”, instead of “smoking is bad for u, u’ll end up in hospital ..!!”.

Also get the guy into conversation regarding this instead of just “i’ll say all and u just listen” sort of statements, produce reasoned pronouncements.


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#2013 – Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 111

Posted by imdad on November 2, 2008

For this error on mysql phpmyadmin

i did this:

  • edited </etc/mysql/my.conf>
  • commented the line corresponding to ‘bind-address’ (that is, hash it)
  • edited ‘’ in phpmyadmin folder
  • added/edited a line $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘host’] = ‘localhost’;
  • restart mysql – ‘sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart’

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‘knew’ to me …

Posted by imdad on September 13, 2008

(infact not very ‘knew’ to me) .. i had been experiencing this for quite a while now .. remembered to blog it just now:

i have a notebook (Acer laptop) .. which runs xp .. the lazy-me just closes the lid, and the laptop hibernates.

Chrome window does not respond (actually the tabs crash on reloading the page) after resuming from the hibernation .. !!!

Firefox and IE work well …

I have reported a bug 😉

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Prototype.js lessons

Posted by imdad on September 13, 2008

I repeated the same mistake .. so i chose to warn you.

Wrong Code:

coolFunction1 = function(){
  var data;
  new Ajax.Request('some_weird_url_json.php',{
    OnSuccess: funtion(transport){
      data = transport.responseJSON;
  display(data); // attempting to use the 'data' variable

What we wud expect is that the whatever value we have got back through the ajax request will be immediately available, WRONG, callback OnSuccess is only triggered ‘on-success’, so any attempt to use the latest ‘data’ should be inside this callback.

Correct Code:

coolFunction1 = function(){
  var data;
  new Ajax.Request('some_weird_url_json.php',{
    OnSuccess: funtion(transport){
      data = transport.responseJSON;
      display(data); // phew .. tht was the problem

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‘knew’ to me …

Posted by imdad on September 13, 2008

Just found out that the built in chrome plugin to render pdf files is a bit buggy … =>

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httpd/apache not parsing php

Posted by imdad on September 9, 2008

My .php files where not being parsed at the server and where being offered as download files at the remote browser. I googled the problem:

  • enable php in apache
  • httpd not parsing php
  • apache not running php

I was redirected to various forums, helping with the appropriate config… But all was fine with my config, the AddType, AddHandler all were present in the httpd.conf and conf.d/php.conf files and also the appropriate php5 module was loaded.

Then i went my root folder, public_html, in my case (may be /var/www/html/ in your case).
There i listed all the files .. also the HIDDEN ones.

there was a .htaccess file … whose contents were:

AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php
AddHandler x-httpd-php .php4

I DELETED this file.
Atlast, the server was now parsing the php code.

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stuck with Chrome ..

Posted by imdad on September 4, 2008

I am writing this post through the chrome browser, because the adjacent firefox browser is stuck with a very very heavy javascript script.

Now the beauty is that i ran the same script on this Chrome browser also (in another tab) but it has already finished.

What were the tests?

Well .. i used the wz_jsgraphics library along with prototypes sugar candy methods to draw some complex structures on the browser.

also .. i found the javascript debugger nice .. its gdb like command interface suits me ..

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Foreign Key in phpMyAdmin (Xampp)

Posted by imdad on July 24, 2008

The following steps are required for you to be able to add foreign keys using phpadmin (in xampp).

  1. Select any table and go to operations tab, if InnoDB is listed under storage engine drop down menu then jump to step 5.
  2. So InnoDB is disabled in mysql engine, edit the \xampp\mysql\bi\my.cnf file and remove the hashes that are required to enable InnoDB (its self explanatory).
  3. Add a line in the above file, default_storage_engine=InnoDB (This makes InnoDB the default storage engine).
  4. Restart mysql from the xampp control panel or from MS services.
  5. Make sure, both PARENT and CHILD tables are of storage type InnoDB.
  6. REFERENCED key (in parent) should be primary and REFERENCING key (in child) should be index.
  7. In the CHILD table’s structure view, click on the link ‘relations view’ (it lies above ‘add fields’).
  8. In the row corresponding to the REFERENCING key, select the REFERENCED key from the second column drop box.
  9. Click go .. you’ll see that the required query is executed.
  10. For storage type information go here.

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Posted by imdad on January 27, 2008

Here is an innovation that can change our lives

You can guess for urselves

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Australian Open 2008 – Men’s Singles Final

Posted by imdad on January 27, 2008

In another Mind Boggling 5 set match, people were thoroughly entertained to watch as Mr. Novack Djokovic, became the first Serbian to become a Grand Slam Champion. He admitted to have faced Mr. Wilfred Tsonga as a tough opponent, who apart from resembling Mr. Mohamed Ali, the famous boxer, also — “Vollied like a butterfly and Aced like a bee”. The french man, wooed by the majority from audience, seemed to threaten Djokovic’s Grand Slam dream to the last ball. But for his unforced errors, he certainly deserves appreciation for the undiminshing confidence he displayed on the court, and infact he was smiling all along. It was a great match to witness to, I pity you if you had missed it, watch some of the enthralling returns and counter-returns, that might already be doing their rounds on the YouTube.

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