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Australian Open 2009 – the world saw Federer weep

Posted by imdad on February 4, 2009

Yes that is exactly that which comes to me, when i recollect the epic final of the 1st grand slam, this year 2009. He looked pitifully unconsolable and later the whole act looked childish too. Federer was a fav for me for this tournament.

Nadal, neverthless, deserved what he acheived. More, he covered every yard of the arena and every pixel on my screen and that too after he had been subjected to a brutally long 5.14 hour semi-final, a mere 40 hrs hence.

The match carried some classic rallies and is history. The conviction with which Nadal returned some unbelivable winners, jaws were hittting grounds. However Federer lost grounds with his, unsusually, low number of aces and high number of second serves and even 1-2 very badly timed double faults. He also lost on some many chances to break Nadals serves.

All eyes missed the other dignitaries present around including Rod Laver, shadowed by Federer and his emotions. They just waved for the live audience maybe, but clearly TV viewers cudnt care.

It was cute of Nadal to apologise to Federer, and his quick note to Federer that remember u are one of the best (rather than the best) was an intelligent addition.

Cheers Nadal.

Federer, crush him at Roland Garros.


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