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‘knew’ to me …

Posted by imdad on September 13, 2008

(infact not very ‘knew’ to me) .. i had been experiencing this for quite a while now .. remembered to blog it just now:

i have a notebook (Acer laptop) .. which runs xp .. the lazy-me just closes the lid, and the laptop hibernates.

Chrome window does not respond (actually the tabs crash on reloading the page) after resuming from the hibernation .. !!!

Firefox and IE work well …

I have reported a bug 😉


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stuck with Chrome ..

Posted by imdad on September 4, 2008

I am writing this post through the chrome browser, because the adjacent firefox browser is stuck with a very very heavy javascript script.

Now the beauty is that i ran the same script on this Chrome browser also (in another tab) but it has already finished.

What were the tests?

Well .. i used the wz_jsgraphics library along with prototypes sugar candy methods to draw some complex structures on the browser.

also .. i found the javascript debugger nice .. its gdb like command interface suits me ..

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